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How Do I Get the Epic Progress Bar to Reflect the Status of My Completed Stories in Jira

In Jira, an Epic is a large body of work that can be broken down into smaller stories and tasks. Tracking the progress of these stories is vital for understanding the overall completion status of the Epic. However, Jira does not automatically update an Epic's progress bar based on the status of its stories. This article will guide you through workarounds to reflect the status of completed stories in an Epic's progress bar and briefly mention a tool that can aid in this process.

Understanding the Epic Progress Bar in Jira

In Jira, the Epic progress bar typically reflects the number of completed issues versus the total issues linked to the Epic. However, it does not consider the status of individual stories. This can lead to scenarios where the progress bar does not accurately represent the actual work completed, especially if stories are partially done.

Workarounds to Reflect Story Completion in Epic Progress

1. Manual Update of Epic Status

One straightforward approach is manually updating the Epic's status based on the completion of its stories. This method requires diligent tracking and updating:

  • Regularly Review Stories: Keep track of the completion status of each story within the Epic.

  • Update Epic Status: Manually adjust the Epic's status to reflect the overall progress based on the stories' completion.

2. Utilizing Jira Automation

Jira's built-in automation tools can be configured to update Epic progress based on story completion:

  • Create a Rule: Set up an automation rule that triggers when a story is marked as complete.

  • Automate Epic Update: Configure the rule to adjust the Epic's progress or status based on the completion of its stories.

3. Custom Scripting

For more advanced users, custom scripting (e.g., using ScriptRunner) can be employed:

  • Script Conditions: Write a script that checks the completion status of all stories under an Epic.

  • Automate Updates: Have the script automatically update the Epic's progress bar or status.

Using "Status & Progress Report" Gadget as an Alternative Tool

As a supplementary tool, the "Status & Progress Report" gadget from the "Simple Custom Reports, Charts & Time in Status for Jira" app can provide a more detailed view of the progress within an Epic. While it doesn't directly modify the Epic's progress bar in Jira, it can offer a clearer picture of the completion status of stories and tasks within the Epic.

Reflecting the true progress of stories in an Epic's progress bar in Jira requires a workaround, as Jira does not provide this functionality natively. Whether through manual updates, Jira automation, custom scripting, or employing additional reporting tools like the "Status & Progress Report" gadget, project managers can achieve a more accurate representation of an Epic's completion status. The choice of method depends on the team's size, workflow complexity, and available resources.

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