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How Do I Create a Quick Filter for Unassigned Issues

Creating a quick filter for unassigned issues in Jira involves using Jira's native functionality, complemented by the "Status & Progress Report" gadget from the "Simple Custom Reports, Charts & Time in Status for Jira" app. Here's a brief guide:

  1. Jira's Quick Filter:

    • In Jira, navigate to your board and go to board settings.

    • Create a new quick filter with the JQL query: assignee is EMPTY.

    • This filter will allow you to view all unassigned issues quickly.

  2. Using "Status & Progress Report" Gadget:

    • Install the "Simple Custom Reports, Charts & Time in Status for Jira" app from the Atlassian Marketplace.

    • Add the "Status & Progress Report" gadget to your dashboard.

    • Configure it to group issues by assignees, which will show both assigned and unassigned issues.

This approach provides a comprehensive view of issue assignments, enhancing issue tracking and management in your Jira projects.

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