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Estimation Gadget Configuration

Gadget type - select what field to group the data by, or display an aggregate in case of overview type. Custom fields are also supported of the type - string, date, user, or option.

Column configuration options above mainly control what elements are displayed in the report. So to begin you can select to display all the elements and then uncheck the ones that are not useful.

Progress calculation

Progress is calculated in the following way:

Time spent vs. the actual time, where actual time is calculated by adding up time spent and the remaining estimate.

JQL filter

Data supplied to the app can be filtered using JQL filters, with the gadget supplying some JQL presets. If you are running Jira Cloud and want to use Adaptavist ScriptRunner JQL functions you should save them and use them as synchronized filters instead via JQL - filter = “enter name or id of the filter“

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