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Gadget Configuration

Gadgets must be configured using the following settings:

  • Show groups expanded (if dashboard gadget type is not line chart) - this shows velocity reports expanded by an assignee or sprint/interval. You can additionality expand/collapse it from the dashboard gadget itself.

  • Data to display (if dashboard gadget type is line chart) - this selects what data to display in a line chart. Available data checkboxes are self-explanatory. Committed issues are shown with a dashed line, while completed issues are shown with a solid line.

  • Estimation type - issue count, story points, or time tracking.

  • Count issues with “Done“ status as resolved… - with default settings issues are counted as completed when their resolution is set (JQL - resolution is not empty), check this checkbox to include issues that have certain status set too.

Scrum and Kanban

  • Board - select scrum, simple, or kanban board to display velocity reports for.

  • The number of sprints/intervals to include - enter the number of last sprints/intervals to include, based on a completion date.

  • Include active sprints/intervals - check this to include active (not completed) sprints/intervals.


Note, that this velocity report includes finally committed issues, which differs from the built-in Jira velocity report, which shows initially committed issues. Finally committed issues includes issues after mid-sprint removals/additions.

Also, with default settings issues are counted as completed when their resolution is set, regardless of their status, this can be configured using “Count issues with “Done“ status as resolved…“, where status can be customized in Advanced Settings.

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