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Available Gadgets

The app adds functionality to display scrum sprint/kanban velocities on your Jira dashboard.

In addition to being able to track sprint/kanban velocities, gadgets also add the ability to track individual user velocity. In the case of the kanban board, you can specify intervals to show reports for (e.g. 2 weeks) and the start of intervals and it works exactly like scrum.

There are 4 types of dashboard items available:

  • Velocity report (bar chart) - shows the selected number of sprint/interval velocity reports together with sprint/interval average report.

  • Individual velocity report (bar charts grouped by assignee) - shows velocity reports by the assignee with the ability to expand each assignee report by sprint/interval (assignee on root).

  • Individual velocity report (bar charts grouped by sprint/interval) - shows velocity reports by sprint/interval with the ability to expand each sprint/interval by assignee (sprint/interval on root).

  • Velocity report (line chart) - shows a line chart with the ability to select which data is shown. So this chart can be configured to show either individual velocity reports or sprint/interval velocity reports.

Note, that these velocity reports include finally committed issues, which differs from the built-in Jira velocity report, which shows initially committed issues. Finally committed issues include issues after mid-sprint removals/additions.

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