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Data Security and Privacy Statement


This is a data security and privacy statement for the Google & iCal Calendar Dashboard Gadget for Jira app.


We do not collect any personal data from your use of our plugin. Additional information we receive is usage statistics and licensing information through Atlassian's marketplace API.

Permissions Scope

Our plugin requires read permission to be able to read your issues. We also need write permission to write user settings.

Data Storage/Data Retention

No personally identifiable data are stored on our servers permanently. ICS file data is temporarily sent to the server for validation but is not stored.


Our servers are hosted on Google's cloud platform (Firebase) and are only hosted on nodes that operate within the United States.


We may retain server logs which include the anonymized IP addresses of every request to our server.

We make use of to collect any javascript errors in the browser.


All app code is served to you from our servers, using SSL. If you have found a security vulnerability, please email us at immediately.

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